terrible waiters

Atmospheric Entertainment Terrible Waiter Character
Did you ever have a waiter so bad your told stories about him? One so rude, pretentious, and condescending that he made your eyes turn red, or one so incompetent that they brought you a water glass full of soup with an extra straw? Not just bad, but epic bad?

Well, bring in one of our absolutely horrid waiters to your next event and get that level of service without worrying about someone spitting in your salad. Our waiters are guaranteed to be rude, insulting, ineffective, and above all — funny.

Their level of incompetence is so high that all you can do is laugh. Whether serving hors d'oeuvres, or trying to take orders at what is clearly a buffet, these buffoons will give your guests an experience like no other.

Make sure to let us know if you want snooty or just plain incompetent!